Spiffing Gucci

From the very start it’s always been about looking good and feeling good. Those are two totally different things. See, you can look good but feel the opposite or you can feel good but look like you just spent the night in a dumpster (you do not want to be feeling that type of way).

Fashion can be simple and complex at the same time and that’s the sole beauty of it.

Today, it’s about looking good and feeling good, and what better way to do that than to plead guilty of having that Gucci affair? 😋

Every couple of months, we see a new trend in the blog world, from ‘this to that’, and outfit combinations of ‘this and that’. The street style blogs are exploding with Gucci attire.


Gucci is a title that’s been in existence for the longest time now and still has maintained it’s high ranking among the top brands in fashion. Therefore it doesn’t require much scrolling to spot Gucci on a fashion blog. This is a must have!

It seems wrong, or at least incomplete, to say that we all know what to expect from Gucci at this point. The thing with Gucci is that it has embellished logo styles and quite a variety to choose from, depending on your needs. There are footwear, clothing, bags, hats, belts, watches and many others.

It’s no secret that Gucci is having a major moment lately. You’ve come across a number of well-known celebrities, models and icons who rock the Gucci wear every now and then. It’s an expensive look that almost everyone would want to pull off.

I present to you, Spiffing Gucci!!! Look good, feel good.



More posts coming up in due time.

I will talk to you again in the next one.

Models: Prince Pascal & Suzanne Macharia

Dressed by Anthony’s Fashion and Style



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