Denim has come a long way and has been a basic and essential fashion item for the longest time now. Other materials have come and gone and others have managed to stay but nothing quite comes close to beating this tough fabric in the casual attire.

You might have already guessed, today let’s talk about jeans. By now you probably know how obsessed I am with black, and for that specific reason, we will talk about specifically black jean. This particular color is just a beast when it comes to versatility and overall being universal. Black pretty much matches with any other color you can think of. It creates a foundation for you to pick from without struggles as much.

When I think of black denim, I picture pitch black! Not a sense of highlight or wash, just as black as night on a moonless night! Why distort the beauty of simplicity with the ambiguity of complexity? You dig? haha!! Black denim signifies a sense of formality and at the same time gives a social aspect that allows you to play around between work, casual and street wear. A nice black pair of well-fitted jeans will look good on you any day, no doubt about that. It’s generally the basis of any great wardrobe.



Moving on swiftly to the photos so that I can show you what I’m talking about. It would be expected to match black with it’s obvious opposite color, white, or not break the monotony at all by doing all black, which is still okay, but try and put in a totally different style for a change. Turn heads! This first set is a very laid-back casual look. A solid jungle green sweater matched with a jungle green beanie, a well-fitted black pair of jeans and a pair of black sneakers. This kind of look is good for the cold season and keeps the dressed down look looking just perfect.



The second attire is yet another dressed down casual look. And for this, I went with a black long-sleeve turtle neck that could be functional for either swag or cold purposes layered beneath the knit printed t-shirt, the same pair of black jeans and blue sporty shoes. The green t-shirt brings a contrast to the otherwise plain black and adds a little flare to the whole outfit. This kind of outfit also comes in handy during the cold weather and the turtle neck really pushes its functionality when it comes to that. Aside from just functionality, it gives an edge for the t-shirt and adds interest to the entire look.



This third and final look is now a dressed-up type. I have on me a pin-stripe dress shirt and on top, a navy-blue blazer, the black pair of jeans, a jungle-green beanie and a pair of casual shoes. It’s generally a more formal look and could be addressed for a Friday or Saturday casual official dressing. Not forgetting the importance of accessorizing your look; that makes a huge difference to it.

Like I always say, accessories are the icing on the cake. Really, really important.

That is it for today’s post.

Feel free to leave a comment below and I will talk to you again in the next one.


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