You’ve probably seen it with your neighbor, your child, your friends, your friend’s friends or even your favorite actor or musician. It’s developed as a trendy and stylish fashion statement over time. I’m talking about the bomber jacket.


Complete re-inventions and modern designs have made this piece of wear even simpler and appealing to the eye. It’s only fair that bomber jackets have now found their way into the current day-to-day street wear, nipped, tucked and all as if to make up for the lost time it was just hanging forgotten in the initial military wardrobe, lucky us, right?

The bomber jacket has become an essential fashion statement nowadays. I mean every guy must have at least one. It gives a slight effortless, edgy look and overall gives a man that buffed up kind of look (What guy doesn’t want that?). It’s kept intact by its cropped wrists, neck and waist design. There’s a wide variety of fabric play from printed to futuristic floral to sheer fabrics to expensive silk. I mean, there is something for everyone! This must have probably been one of the looks that some quirky fashionista rediscovered and thought ‘what if?’

One of the huge trends we’ve been seeing everywhere lately is layering, so today, the focus isn’t just on the jacket but I’ll shed some light on nailing the jacket with a hoodie that adds that pop of color (we don’t want to be like all the others, now, do we?).  So this outfit is just a little bit spiced up to give you a bit of glamour and urban vibe mix. You’re likely to have seen it elsewhere and wondered “What’s that all about?”…

Well, let’s dive into it.


The bomber is a great jacket alternative compared to some funky weird looking jacket. It’s mostly worn when it’s chilly outside but is preferably left unzipped, to show what’s worn underneath. And that’s one major advantage of these eye-catching jackets, their layering potential and versatility.


The hoodie underneath is a bright-red shade and adds that ‘pop’ of color to the whole outfit. And ultimately the hoodie just looks good sitting on top of the jacket (as long as the colors contrast).



I’ll finish up quick by putting a little emphasis on accessorizing your look.

Accessories make complete whatever look anyone is trying to pull off.

A single ring on one of your fingers can be the one thing that’s missing to make you look BOMB! A dark shade sun glass, a simple necklace or bracelet or even just a wrist watch. ACCESSORIZE!!!

Finally, I wish you a nice time and again, I will talk to you in the next one.


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