Trench setter

The week’s gone by quite fast I’d say, and now we’re on to another one. (PS. That has nothing to do with DJ Khaled.)
Today, I’ll start with a word from the wise, “All Mankind is of one author and one volume. When one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated to a better language. And every chapter must be translated.”
Food for thought.
So now for my post. When I saw the updated weather forecast, this was just a try-out but my thoughts beat me to it. I actually looked really good. You might think for a minute that it’s a little bit too much. Trust me, it is a little bit too much. But for all the right reasons.
Here goes the photos. By the way, notice my new hair cut? Yeah, I decided to give my barber a visit for some fresh cut.

Like I said on my previous post, I’m a fan of black, all day any day. It just has this way of letting me be broad on ideas, you know? Think of what new way I can blend it with something else. Today’s trend report is dedicated to a true wardrobe classic, the perfect trench coat.
Trench coats are everywhere, whether posing on a red carpet or just randomly standing in a normal queue. It is always an impeccable choice because it’s functional and trendy at the same time. Functional for cold weather and trendy, for fashionistas, just to look good.
So first, I went with a black trench coat. It exudes certain class that for some reason over writes what is worn underneath, a brightly colored hoodie, under it, a black longline tee and that perfectly fitting pair of black jeans.

It is definitely worth investing some money in a high-quality piece, because I can guarantee you the trench coat will never be out of style. Over the years, it has turned into a real fashion must-have, which gives you more reason to get yourself one.
Tip: The trench coat is incredibly versatile and versatility is a quality you should always consider in your garments. You could dress it casual, elegant or glamorous. It suits a variety of styles.
Just to be clear, black isn’t the only color you should consider when shopping for a trench coat, there’s some really good-looking colored trenches out there. You just have to be really careful when trying to pull off this look, if you’re not then you’re most probably just going to seem like one very confused mess, not good to look at. Now, you want to avoid that sort of a mess by either going completely monochromatic with the colors or rather, break that one dull color of the whole look and do a hoodie that cries for attention. That way people will just have a good time looking at you.
…and don’t give yourself unnecessary struggles by trying this look on a hot day, unless of course your trying to kill yourself. Fashion obeys weather.

Just before I forget, let’s talk a little bit about the accessories. These small things just have a way of making a look complete. You can see the dark-tint shades I have on, that ring on my finger and a couple of hand bracelets. It’s the little things that matter.



Anyway, that’s all for this round. Thanks for reading this and again feel free to drop your comments below or ask any questions.
I will talk to you again in the next one.


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