This being my first ever blog, a thousand thoughts are racing in my head as I’m writing this.

Just before I get started, a quick self-introduction.

My name is Prince Pascal (Yes, prince, It’s not just a title but also a name). I’m a born-90s guy so I rock the 21st century just as much as you do. Music has been a part of me since way back, basically all my life and so it’s part of what I also do. Music will always have an impact on fashion trends. Majorly, through music, is where my passion for fashion began.

Prince of ManClass speaks to every man about the modern state of dressing and fashion. Gives you the newest creation and constant trend in style. I mean, look good, feel good.

So, back to the main point, fashion is a universal way of expressing yourself to the world and just like art, it’s subjective; you might like it this way and not that way or that way and not this way. It all comes back to your own personal view of it.


Now to the photos. I’m a huge fan of black and I would dress in black any day. On this day i decided to go with a casual  street wear look and it’s a dark ‘theme’. Black don’t crack. Black takes the crown for fashion decision, it never gets old. There is something about the color black, it poses power and elegance and instantly makes anything look chicer.


  • Black allows you to go wild with accessories unlike when dressed too bright with accessories and suddenly confusion comes in.
  • Black lets you experiment with crazy fabrics and masks whether you attire is cheap or expensive.
  • It is easier to blend in black with whatever color, name it, it hardly goes wrong.



On me is a black longline t-shirt, a dark, grey zip-up hoodie and on top of it comes a black leather jacket (who doesn’t love a well-fitting leather jacket?). That’s all for the torso then there’s also the black, washed-out pair of jeans perfectly fitting my shape and size. The monochromatic color scheme here really works together just fine. The look wasn’t complete without some black, custom-made Adidas kicks, a black beanie and the accessories on my hand( different colored wrist band give a good contrast to the black theme of the whole dressing) and the chain on my neck.

Accessories can be a crucial element in dressing and are often used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement a look thus the wrist bands and chain.

For more information on longline tees click here.

Now, as i finish up, I’ll leave you with this, “Our toil should boil down to a feeling of healing and not money we made or honey we’d date nor the flamboyant buoyancy of lifestyles we crave.”

Feel free to please drop your comments, ask any relevant questions and I will talk to you again on my next post.


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